TrendMails Is A Permission Based Email Marketing Exchange

Share your business opportunities and offers with our members who are very active within the home business and affiliate marketing industry.

This system of email marketing exchange works exceptionally well, and is one of the best ways to promote your products, services and opportunities to interested people.

Get more sales, more subscribers, and more referrals using our free system.

How it works

From inside your Members Dashboard, quickly and easily compose and submit your best email offers, along with your affiliate link, lead capture page link, website etc, and we'll send it to our members via our email delivery system that gets your emails delivered, opened and READ! Our Members are engaged and focused on taking action on every email they receive. They want to receive your promotions and offers because, not only are they looking for new business opportunities, products and services they can buy and use, they also have the opportunity to engage with other members through promotional emails exchanged.

When you send your email offer where each member can read and then click on a link in your message so that they can see your website, landing page, etc. Only those visitors that read your message and view your site are actually counted. Each member is only counted once per message.

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It Couldn’t Be Easier!

TrendMails is so simple to use that can reach thousands of new prospects within minutes of becoming a Member totally problem free! Every step is quick and easy, from sending regular broadcast emails to scheduling in advance, using our simple, point-and-click interface. No stress and no complicated technology learning curve.

TrendMails is a powerful Viral Mailer that allows you to reach thousands of members with your offers fast and build your own profitable list of subscribers...

The TrendMails point-and-click system makes sending your email promotions quick and easy! No more concerns about emails not getting delivered or acted upon.

The TrendMails member database is double opt-in and is continually growing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

TrendMails also offers Solo Ads at highly competitive rates!

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TrendMails is unique permission based marketing done right.
Reach thousands of new prospects within minutes of becoming a Member totally problem free!

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